Lessons "Allowing Life In" Learning to Listen


  • This video changed the way I was to see my mind, all the good things it does, how it changes my experience and its REAL role FOREVER.

    This is a Ted talk from about decade ago that I share with my clients as it helps one understand the SIGNIFCANT differences in how different sides of our brains work.  

    The human brain can process 11 million bits of information every second. 
    But our conscious minds can handle only 40 to 50 bits of information a second.

    We only notice a very small % percentage (1/220,000th) of what we actually observe. 

    The left brain is a linear processor and filters what we see by what it knows. It goes step by step, only one at a a time. What we see is processed directly by the left brain- comparing and capturing details. 

    When using the right brain – we sense everything at once as we are observing – not thinking, applying rules, making many judgements and comparing things in our left brain.

    As we age – more and more rules and judgements of right and wrong can take over our thoughts – separating us from others by all the labels we use when we are ALL humans.

How Free Will Impacts our Lives

  • I have free will to do what ever I want – regardless of what is right or wrong in society. There are consequences – of course – but we have the means to separate in our minds from societal standards and operate with our justifications for our actions.

    The same happens with our connections to Source – we have the right to do what ever we want here, ignoring what our souls know as truth. The primary challenge is we do not stop our left brains long enough to be able to hear the messages from our souls, guides or Source.

    One can say – God let thy will be my will.  I release my will to you God.

    We have lost our ability to hear our souls in a lot of cases and many can not hear from outside their minds – left brains usually.

    We have to slow down our thoughts – prayer, meditation, and just stillness in nature works as well.  I found the Sacred Acoustics Meditations are some of the best I have used.

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How We Talk About Our Lives Is KEY

  • What do you say to yourself? Praise or Ridicule? Raising or Lowering your belief about yourself?

    What is your story?

    Do you talk about your roles in life, family, job or problems?  What about you being an eternal being in physical form and letting the other facts fall away?

    We assign meanings and rules to everything we experience – this happened to me because Blah, Blah, Blah.  Perhaps there is something you might not have known that could change your perspective on the meaning around those events.

    Stories – when we add the meaning of the story or end the story in our minds we are SO FAR off – it is amazing we still do that in society. Lets take this example.

    A mom has her son killed by a drunk driver on his high School graduation night. This a good or bad story? Bad of course someone is dead. But that death could impact someone one in a way that changed the world as it did in this case. This Mom decided to found MADD – Mothers Against Drunk Drivers – and changed the federal and state laws and resulting in millions of people being safer as the new rules about what is “Drunk” were changed.

    So was that a good or bad story? Depends on perspective right? 

    So does your stories that you might have seen as bad but have you changed your perspective on what that story REALLY means or is there to teach you?

    I ask one question a lot when I am lost – What else could this mean? I try to find 3 answers at least and the softer the emotions around that story becomes and sometimes what once made me sad is now inspiring.

Praise Versus Criticism - changes Everything

  • The guides have taught me so much about how to manage my thoughts. We have learned a lot – and changed my mental state from depressed to hopeful in many cases by asking the questions in previous notes.

    We assign meanings to everything we experience – this happened to me because someone was pissed of at me.  Perhaps there is something you might not have known about the situation that could change your perspective on the meaning around those events.

Everything is Energy

  • I study Quantum Physics and know nothing really but I have noticed a few things that really have caught my attention.

    The act of observation affects science experiments – why they use placebos in medical studies.

    Everything is connected and there are lots of studies that have proven this, as quantum Entanglement and everything affects everything else.

    Manifestation is done with focused intention. Yet intention can be stored and activated later to manifest that intention in science experiments.

    Medicine can be energetic as proven when a scientist discovered the bacteria killing by colliodal Silver when dropped in a perti dish with a bacteria growing in it. I am not sure of the exact means this happened but he had a open light that had some colloidal silver spilled inside the bulb. Once using the bulb – it also killed the bacteria. Now this was NOT a UV light or anything of that nature.  Just a plain light with some colloidal silver inside- so the energy when activated by light – did have the same result.

    So is all medicine based on physical or chemical processes or is some of this healing an energetic process.  Lets discover more about this.

Is What You Expect - what you get?

  • Everyone knows the placebo effect is real but perhaps many do not have the real appreciation on how powerful that is.

    The VA was doing a lot of knee surgeries after veterans’ return from being in combat field operations overseas. So surgery was required for many – that caused them to evaluate if the surgery was doing enough good. So they had two groups – and you can search on Google VA knee surgery study.

    They took all into surgery – but some only got the scar and no actual surgery. Interestingly enough they both had same recovery rates and pain levels regardless of if they got “real surgery or just the “Scar”.

    The mind is VERY POWERFUL and can change your body, environment and life with belief that bridges into knowing that is true.

    So what are your thought creating for you? What beliefs do you have that support you or hold you back?