Frequency Healing

What is Frequency Healing?

Everything in life is a waveform – frequency. That includes Light, Sound, Heartbeats, Thoughts, and everything else as well.

Frequencies can destroy as seen as this wine glass – this sound breaking a wine glass.

I like that you can see some frequencies do break the glass and others do not.

That is the same with our bodies – and everything we experience and consumer in any manner is a frequency.

So what do these types of frequencies work on?

Well, we go back to the days of Tesla and Rife to see what they did with discovering that some bacteria do explode the same way as a wine glass when the right frequency is added to its environment.

However, there are complementary models of using frequency due to the inherent nature of “entrainment“. Where things sync up on a frequency that is its environment – such as seen in this syncing of these metronomes.

So we respond to the frequencies around us. When I support someone’s health recovery process – something I am familiar with – I might offer some use of frequency-based tools, sounds, electrical frequencies, magnetic or light to produce “entrainment” frequencies most often.