Frequency Healing

What is Frequency Healing?

Everything in life has a specific waveform – frequency. That includes Light, Sound, Heartbeats, Thoughts, and everything else as well. Some are so slow we can not sense them and others are so fast – they seem solid.

Music frequencies can change our mode. Yet they can destroy as seen as this wine glass – a specific sound breaks this wine glass.


That is the same the frequencies we have around and our bodies. As everything we experience and consume in any manner is adding a frequency.

So what do these types of human frequencies work on?

When we go back to the days of Tesla / Rife to see what they with discovered that some bacteria do explode the same way as that wine glass did when the right frequency is added to its environment.

Not all frequencies are harmful, since there are complementary ways of using frequency. There is an inherent sync’ng of frequencies in Nature. That is often referred to as “entrainment“, where things sync up on a frequency that is  present in its environment – as seen in this syncing of these metronomes.

So we respond both knowingly and unknowingly to all the frequencies around us. When I support someone’s health recovery process – I might use of frequency-based tools, sounds, electrical frequencies, magnetic or light to produce “entrainment” frequencies as they support repair. 

What you consume in our bodies – eyes, mind and body change us in subtle ways. When we go into a sacred space you can feel it. 

Work to make your space a powerful sacred space.