Reduce My Stress

Online Zoom Meetings Over 4 Weeks

October 23 - November 19
Classes 2-3 Hours Each



Private Sessions

Reduce My Stress Now Class

Stress can make it difficult to think and function clearly, but you can use these 3 easy steps to clear the chaos and regain control:

1) STEP BACK – learn how to find balance in body mind and spirit

2) REGRET NOTHING – if you learned, nothing to regret

3) RE-FRAME YOUR THOUGHTS – find ways to change your meanings

Learn How to Achieve Balance

– Energy shifts happen all the time as we’re impacted by what’s around us. We feel off balance due to these shifts and it takes a little work on our end to keep everything on track. We can identify what we’re feeling through pendulums, newer technologies and balance it!

Solve Problems Quickly with Intuitive Tools

– Stress has many forms but it typically means there’s something or someone you don’t want. This can lead to anger or many other consequences on a person’s well being. Learn how to get answers intuitively.

Embrace Change as Progress, even when not apparent

– Change is constant but we can feel bad about it when it throws off our energetic, mental or emotional states. It’s good to accept this is a natural process, continue living life, and always work on achieving balance through the tools you will

Weekly Online Zoom Class – over 4 weeks – 2 hours per class.

Get XX page book with class

Gain access to channeled audios for this class not publicly available.

Get 30 minutes per week with private sessions as part of class

Cost: $ 222

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