Living in God's Grace By John Head

What I am is a vessel of energy to be of service to those who are called to work with me.

This is my current path in a few words a possible – I turned my free will over to Source / God.

I have many types of energetics I work with both from my body, spirit, and hopefully without my mind’s intent for an outcome or a validation from those in front of me. My ego and mind seek those things but I understand that is part of being in this world as we understand it now.

I seek to help others and based on my past I support others when I am not really asked which usually ends up in ways my mind did not expect or desire as an outcome.

Where did this start – back when I was 8 and woke up inside a chicken house after a large storm where I lost over 45 minutes of my life – total blank after a huge flash of light when I was outside and woke up a while later and found myself up against the wall woozy and disoriented. My parents asked where I had been as they sent me to check on the chicken coup during a major storm and we could hear the chickens very loudly – which never happened.

So put on my yellow rubber shoes and raincoat and ran down there. I was near the inner fence when I saw this huge flash of light and that is all I remember till waking up inside the shed. Which was not a direct line by any means. After lots of questions:  Where was I?  What was I doing? What took so long?

They discovered I had NO clue.

After that event, I would be walking in the forest or woods near my home and trees would have information for me as would some animals show up and just standstill. I did not understand but eventually, I asked questions of the animals and I would hear a response in my head. I thought I was making it up and many accused me of having a VIVID imagination.

For some reason, I trusted the inner voice and its language. Once had an argument with my parents over the National Geographic article that told how Egyptian pyramids were built as the inner voices were telling me that is NOT how it was done.

Since then I have secured insights for friends and family for over 5 decades now. I also learned healing practices from my first Martial Arts Master – who said if you know how to hurt you need to know how to heal. That started over 4 decades ago and I will do hands-on healing when called to, but my path is moving from that hands on to more remote work since I have stopped traveling as much.

I began a formal channeling process after setting up a large copper pyramid and copper wire grid precisely designed by Sacred Geometry Principles. I laid down in this grid that was both inside and surrounding the Pyramid. I felt my body go very heavy and begin to disappear from my awareness.

I began to sense something around me – touching me and asking permission to speak. I, of course, said yes!

I did not realize I was to be the conduit for that speaking process. That was my first channeling session with Lakarra and they introduced me to a few others all while teaching me to allow this to happen.

This site is dedicated that that process of serving others in whatever capacity Source or God asks of me. Now learning how to hear those messages is my current path but learning letting go of ANY expectation of outcome is paramount to living in God’s Grace.