Supporting Your Business Success

We setup sites and provide support to increase your business, however we are not a technical support company – we are a technically literate marketing company that implements sites for those making a difference in our world.

We use one theme supplier due to a number of factors to insure your and our success. We will provide you links to select from our vendors site a few themes you would like to use. 

We will enhance that theme’s setting to implement your brand at various levels depending on your selections of our services.  The company has amazing support that we have yet to see duplicated in the theme companies we have used to date (over 7 years).

We can implement your setup on your hosting provider or set you up with a provider to purchase hosting from at the levels you need. (we will provide a checklist). Once you are ready – we willl take on the adminstrator role during setup and installation. We highly suggest once setup and online – you find a local resource from a local WP meetup group to assist you.

We will make recommendations on services and tools to insure a great experience for your site and customers. These are optional for the most part depending on your short and long term goals.

Customer Requirements to avoid additional fees

Customer is reposnsible for all hosting and other services paid directly we are not a broker and do not make funds 

Have Domain registered – URL

Have Hosting services setup for WordPress based sites

Have Emails setup under URL

Acquire SSL for all sites to improve Google ranking

Levels of support

  • Content is both imagery, and written words.  This content is key to engaging your potential customers and serving to educate and gain insights into what you offer and its value. So what are the options in that process?

    You are able to develop your own content, that is enough for your sites needs.

    You need help to create  your content . We start with an interview and pose questions your customers might ask about your business and services.  We then add SEO langauage to your content to insure it resonates with your potential and current customers.

    Your content become valuable as you produce videos and other materials to release to educate your customers or potential customers.

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