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Wanting to help others find ways to peace.

Channeled Readings - Guidance

My guides and other energetics are focused on shifting this planet and its participants.

They help with:
  • Understanding Life lessons
  • Messages from your Soul
  • How to talk with Soul
My guides have many insights and personalities.

  1. Citarnee – my first guide that spoke through me and loves interactions that are light and fun.
  2. Lakarra – They will “Please ask the right question” and then ask a question themselves
  3. Mishra – light delicate energetics – feels female in her core but could be more pixie or fairy
  4. “?” – this one is nameless as described to me and has a great presence that changes me for days when I am blessed to have them show up for a session.
  5. Arch Angels – Rafael, Micheal, Metatron, Melchizedek, Ariel, and others as appropriate for the session.
  6. My guide – rarely shows for public work but provides me tools and language to help you constantly.

In a session, I do not request anything about your needs, other than receiving all information in the highest good for all involved.

So that means I can not ask Micheal to bring you a message as perhaps your eternal soul has something to say before you can understand his message or energetics he put your field into.

My Guides are not here to discuss your relationship or your next home or job, unless part of your life course and lessons here. They do not answer questions about the future as once considered in thought it has changed… as a new pathway is opened in probabilities of that future.

The first guide came in over 30 years ago and I have shared that guide with many friends and family over the years. It took me a while with them to gain trust in what was asked of me or told to me. I have been asked to many things and the most recent is adopting an RV lifestyle.

They learned to open me (tuned) to their frequency, they shifted me with breathing so I can share their intelligence and energy with me and others.

I have a master guide that is private but does emerge in rare situations but I am truly blessed to have their support in my new path and that they support me in every session to ensure the right information shared. I have committed to this path and am willing to do what is asked of me to be of service to Source / God and others.

Looking for tech opportunities where I can help.

Hand and Frequency Healing

What is Frequency Healing?

Everything in life is a waveform – frequency. That includes Light, Sound, Heartbeats, Thoughts, and everything else as well.

Frequencies can destroy as seen as this wine glass – this sound breaking a wine glass.

I like that you can see some frequencies do break the glass and others do not.

That is the same with our bodies – and everything we experience and consumer in any manner is a frequency.

So what do these types of frequencies work on?

Well, we go back to the days of Tesla and Rife to see what they did with discovering that some bacteria do explode the same way as a wine glass when the right frequency is added to its environment.

However, there are complementary models of using frequency due to the inherent nature of “entrainment“. Where things sync up on a frequency that is its environment – such as seen in this syncing of these metronomes.

So we respond to the frequencies around us. When I support someone’s health recovery process – something I am familiar with – I might offer some use of frequency-based tools, sounds, electrical frequencies, magnetic or light to produce “entrainment” frequencies most often. 

My Story well some of it.

I have many types of energetics I work with both from my body, spirit, and hopefully without my mind’s intent for an outcome or a validation from those in front of me. My ego and mind seek those things but I understand that is part of being in this world as we understand it now.

I seek to help others and based on my past I support others when I am not really asked which usually ends up in ways my mind did not expect or desire as an outcome.

How did this start?  At about 8 my parents sent me to check on the chicken coup during a major storm as we could hear the chickens very loudly – and wondered if an animal had gotten in.

So put on my yellow rubber shoes and raincoat and ran down there. I was near the inner fence when I saw this huge flash of light and woke up inside the shed. Which was not a direct line by any means from where I was standing at the fence.

So, I recovered pushing myself against the wall –  arising from the dry dirt in the coop and wondering what happened and how did I get there. So once I figured out – no animals went back up to the house. My parents were all over me – asking lots of questions: Where was I? What was I doing? What took so long?

“What do you mean – So long? – I just left!”

“John – you left 45 minutes ago” Even though more questioning continued they discovered I had NO clue.

After that event, I would be walking in the forest or woods near my home and trees would have information for me as would some animals show up and just standstill. I did not understand but eventually, I asked questions of the animals and I would hear a response in my head. I thought I was making it up and many accused me of having a VIVID imagination.

For some reason, I trusted the inner voice and its language. Once had an argument with my parents over the National Geographic article that told how Egyptian pyramids were built as the inner voices were telling me that is NOT how it was done.

Since then I have secured insights for friends and family for over 5 decades now. I also learned healing practices from my first Martial Arts Master – who said if you know how to hurt you need to know how to heal. That started over 4 decades ago and I will do hands-on healing when called to, but my path is moving from that hands on to more remote work since I have stopped traveling as much.

(cont –>)

Loving Utah

Loving Utah

Loving my Life

Loving my Life

What some say

My Story (cont.)

I began a formal channeling process after setting up a large copper pyramid and copper wire grid precisely designed by Sacred Geometry Principles. I laid down in this grid that was both inside and surrounding the Pyramid. I felt my body go very heavy and begin to disappear from my awareness. I began to sense something around me – touching me and asking permission to speak.

I, of course, said yes. I did not realize I was the conduit for that speaking process. That was my first channeling session with Lakarra and they introduced me to a few others all while teaching me to allow this to happen.

This site is dedicated that that process of serving others in whatever capacity Source or God asks of me. Now learning how to hear those messages is my current path but learning letting go of ANY expectation of outcome is paramount to living in God’s Grace.

What I am is a vessel for healing energies –  to be of service to those that are called to work with me.

Online Marketing, Sites and Software Mentoring for VERY few clients.

Online Presence

We are a technically literate marketing company that implements sites for those choosing to make a difference in our world.

We use a single theme supplier to ensure your site’s success. We will provide you links to select from our preferred theme vendors’ site a few themes you would like to use. 

We will then enhance that theme’s setting to implement your brand at various levels depending on your selections of our services.  The company has amazing support that we have yet to see duplicated in the theme companies we have used to date (over 7 years).

We can implement your setup on your hosting provider or set you up with a provider to purchase hosting from at the levels you need. (we will provide a checklist). Once you are ready – we will take on the administrator role during setup and installation. We highly suggest once setup and online – you find a local resource from a local WP meetup group to assist you.

We will make recommendations on services and tools to ensure a great experience for your site and customers. These are optional for the most part depending on your short and long term goals.

Levels of support

  • Content is both imagery, and written words.  This content is key to engaging your potential customers and serving to educate and gain insights into what you offer and its value. So what are the options in that process?

    You are able to develop your own content, that is enough for your sites needs.

    You need help to create  your content . We start with an interview and pose questions your customers might ask about your business and services.  We then add SEO langauage to your content to insure it resonates with your potential and current customers.

    Your content become valuable as you produce videos and other materials to release to educate your customers or potential customers.

  • If you choose to work with us, there are ways we can engage depending on where you are. In many cases that cost can vary.

    All SITES require an SSL to be accepted by Google Ranking Engines especially if you take Credit Cards online.

    Once you have a placeholder for a Site setup and ready for constuction – we can begin without risks to your current operations, saving time and $$.

    Now your Site is running but needs review and techinical adjustment or complete revamp.  This can take a while as we have to  validate the needed technical details and credentials needed to evaluate your costs and most hosts are setup differently it seems.

    Starting from scratch, with buying a newDomain and hosting services- we are starting from nothing and that can be easiest in somc cases with simple sites..

    You need a site for Scheduling your Services – scheduling sites can be fairly easy once you have your CC services done on scheduling software instead making a commerce site.

    A complete E-Commerce site with products and Payment systems are straight forward as their are services we can use that remove the issues with hosting your own site but there are differences. 

    All your products can be delivered by a number of Shopify sites like hosts but they are a option that has increased costs when you add features that come for free with WooCommerce or similar offerings from Magento.

    The most complex is an Educational membership site.  There are options you can subscribe to accomplish the management and delivery of content with providing a means to just create and post instead of manange a host for deliverying streaming content.

  • Review Site for hacking and security

    Review your Host and other support services.

    Develop technical requirements to insure you are hiring right person.

  • Language matters and what you say matters more.  Customers talk about your and your services, products in ways you might not suspect. I had a client in the body work space that . used the language of “Range of Motion” all over site and I did some SEO comparison language due diligence and found most people searched on “Flexibility” instead of his language so we did ” Flexibility or Range of Motion” and his traffic was more engaged with this site.

    Lesson here is your customer will be most comfortable if you talk with them in their language, not your professional specifics. Does your DR ever talk over your head?  You must learn about your clients and how they ask for your products or services and have that reflected in your site.

  • Part of Brand is language and the SEO does support finding that language. But Brand is a lot more- it is your mission or purpose as a company. It is how you are with your customers, are you centered around customer support or making $$$ first and foremost.

    I recently found myself getting a new vehicle and dealing with a variety of dealers and BOY it was a big change from one to another. One offered great pricing but had surcharges and mandatory coverages and raised costs by thousands. Another played with interest rates even when I had preapproval rates established but they promised to beat my rates obtained in pre-approval. That added 43% to my monthly payment.  Needless I went with a referral to a dealer that charged more but had work done oustide of a needed repair and I was amazed at the lack of resistance and williness to make very inexpensive to get done.  

    What will your customers say about you? That is your BRAND.

  • How do you convert an interested visitor on your site to a customer and how do you retain them and make them a spokesperson for your company and what it represents. 

    Effective Customer communications is about finding interested persons and getting them interested in learning more. 

    Once they have an interest, but how do you get them engaged in a conversation or dialog on a service or product.

    Once engaged, can you make them a customer?  And then a Supporter?

    Get your strategies aligned and find more and more valued customers and RETAIN them.

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