John Head -The Energy Alchemist


Everything is energy at a different frequency – some are so fast can not see them, yet some are so slow, we stub our toes on it.

I have often been asked, “What techniques are you doing?” I can not answer that as this work I do is NOT a system – just a conversation with your body, mind and spirit and those beyond this physical dimension.

I have studied energy for MANY decades,  learning one core truth – I can never teach myself enough to know the “Truth” of what I am and who someone else is.

When asked to support someone I go into a state where I can LISTEN / OBSERVE with an open heart – so I can be shown the best means to support a client. 

A person’s energies always guide me on how to best support their evolution at a given time, allowing each session 100% unique and focused on the person asking for support.. 




I am John Head, an Empath with a gift, (a gift we all share). When one is quiet enough, one can find the truth in answers shared via intuition.
  • The purpose of life is to remember and renew our connections to our soul and the Source’s unconditional love, sharing with all we encounter.
  • There is one Source of all things and that source is part or all of everything we experience.
  • Just as Darkness is the absence of Light – darkness in behavior is the absence of Light and Love.
  • Nothing remains the same after experiencing pure unconditional love.
  • Everything in our world is made of energy expressed in one form or another and always responds to all other energies.
  • Our left brain keeps us disconnected from others, our souls, and our Source. (watch this Ted talk – LINK HERE)

The Cosmic Tower

Scalar Torus Fields – from Nature

Add Water from sacred wells in Europe

Add Sacred Geometry

Link in Spiritually Aligned Energetics

That builds a clockwise (right turning) Torus Field, which is connected to the Torus Field of the Earth – the Solar System and our Galaxy without ANY POWER CORDS.

Tower Placement stuff2
Tower Placement stuff2

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