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We focus on making a difference in others’ lives.

We have an understanding of those who channel, teach, and empower others to be more. We do the same.

We have found that there is a lack of understanding of the tools and means needed to have a successful online presence.

Our goal is to support others in their efforts.

Who we are

John Head and Kat McCool (both Cancers and born one day *and 20 years* apart) have been friends in business and health since 2008.  This magical duo blends their creative, technical, and healing modalities to not only create stunning websites and business models but also to help heal others.  

Read more about your future partners’ skills and accomplishments below…

John and Kat at Johnny Lang and Buddy Guy at Austin City Limits Music Hall, Summer 2016
John and Kat at Johnny Lang and Buddy Guy at Austin City Limits Music Hall, Summer 2016

Kat McCool

Kat is a professional business woman with a strong background as a graphic and fine artist.  Her specialty lies in building brands that define businesses.  She has built / sold health and wellness companies over the course of fifteen years. She understands your business growth needs and has real world experience to help get you there.

Kat’s creative skills are vast and well rounded as a designer, author (her first novel, “Feel the Burn”, published in ’99) and as a fine artist. At the age of 16, with little guidance and an abundance of ambition Kat started painting murals and decided that her calling was as a professional artist.  ​She graduated from Texas State University in 1996 with a degree in Fine Art and began a career in graphic design.  Always having made time for fine art, in 2004 she created the painted textural weave style that she continues to use and develop today.  Kat’s work has been featured in major metropolitan galleries and now can be seen and purchased in her own gallery, Art Beat, located in Johnson City, Texas.

Kat’s skills reach beyond her creative abilities and into the realm of healing.  In 1998 she became a massage therapist and in 1999 opened a business offering outcall massage therapy services in eleven cities from coast to coast.  In 2002, she became a certified Yoga Instructor and opened her first Yoga Studio (Balanced Body Yoga & Wellness) in 2004.  After selling Balanced Body in 2009 she opened her second (Flow Yoga) with two locations in 2011.   Flow Yoga was sold in 2017 to a group of students and teachers who have taken it to new heights.

In the spring of 2012 she developed a workshop designed to put the power of healing into her client’s hands.  This method, using a variety of balls has been proven effective in reducing pain and inflammation.  She continues to teach this method and uses it herself on a regular basis.


View Kat’s Portfolio of Graphic and Fine Art



John is a technical wiz kid (perhaps not a kid anymore) that has been in software since 79. Over the last 4 decades, he developed software solutions for variety of $1B Dollar companies from Sears, Merck, Dell, Keller Williams and Publishing solutions for smaller concerns such as HEB, Heritage Auctions, and the Houston Chronicle. 

In addition to strong technical skills, he found his intuitive skills also were in marketing and sales management. He was most recently starting companies growing to over $1M in sales in 2 years. He started in Technical sales where he set sales records in his first month, which got him  a role as VP of sales and marketing for a computer company. Here he grew that young $250K company to over $5.5M in sales in its second year with John contributing over $2.2M to that bottom line. 

Due to this background in tech and sales / marketing and a means to present complex ideas for everyone to understand, he was asked to serve as as one of the first contract speakers for Adobe for over 15 years.

During those decades he was always studying alternative health and inner work which blessed him some skills he has shared privately, to be of service to many. Below are some testimonials.

  • "Gifted Healer"

    I have worked with several gifted healers and have found John to be the most gifted and spiritual healer to date. He is able to understand the body, mind spirit connection and works magic with his natural gifts for healing. If you have not had the opportunity to have John do a session with you, please consider it. You will not regret. John is a man with a kind heart and a love of all that is healing. 🙂

    Caterina B.
    Body Worker, Coach
  • Insightful

    You have got to go see this guy!!! He has incredible insight into the energy systems of the body. He has a gift and I hope you will get to experience it! 

    Dr K.
  • Real Deal

    John has helped me heal and I have come out the other end with more love and understanding in my heart than ever before. I still have so much growing to do but with John in my life my journey will be much more pleasant – and hopefully one day – pain free. John has an amazing gift. You will be glad you made an appointment with him!

    John Head is a doc of the future…painless, accurate and incredibly intuitive…he’s the real deal.

    E. Y.
  • Best Ever

    The BEST EVER treatment I have ever had. Went to my session with severe pneumonia. Never imagined that I could heal so quickly but John’s expertise (and tools) made it happen!!!! After 30 years of trying everything under the sun, this has been the most powerful!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My deepest gratitude and appreciation!!!!!

    L. G.
  • Great Insights

    I am at a point in my life, my work and my personal growth where I am experiencing a mix of great drive and excited motivation, punctuated by stretches of rocky speed bumps and extraordinary amounts of frustration. John’s mentorship is serving to help me stay on track and navigate my path with a degree of peace and confidence which is proving itself to be invaluable, and pleasant to boot.

    K. P.
  • Comfortable Feeling

    The physical bodywork continued – my hips, legs and neck in that order were addressed and as each area was tended to my body started to hum with a low and comfortable vibration.

    Comfort is a feeling I am not familiar with – I could have stayed in that state forever! I turned over and the healing continued.

    C. M.
  • found my issue without being told

    At the beginning of the session John went imediately to the source of physical pain in my left rhomboid (he did not ask where I hurt). Instantly I felt a surge of energy in my spine – next to the pain and then a softening of the tissue.

    Next he moved to the source of physical pain in my lower left back and with a firm pressure and what felt like very deliberate movement to push energy up the spine my low back started to feel more relaxed.

    R. J.
  • Sending Family to him

    As a massage therapist for over 30 years I can surprised to your innate ability to release the pain in the body – I felt taller and could swear you have been doing 100 massages a week for 30 years. I will be sending my family to you….. It felt as though you aligned my energy along my spine.

    A. W.
  • Wonderful Work

    I thank you for the wonderful work you did on my yesterday and the “miracle drops” (5 of which I had this afternoon). I just feel it in my bones that you will be met with rapid success, most importantly because of the good you are delivering to this Universe, which I suspect will soak it up…. your work….like a sponge.

    And I know all of this is a result of your work, all these thoughts and ideas worth pursuing have come from the work you performed on me.

    M. G.
  • Gifted

    John is amazing. As he was working on me I could feel the energy moving through my body as if it was water. His gift must be God given!

    Comment from John – it is NOT me – I am just a conduit

  • Amazing

    You have to experience this – Amazing

    James B.
  • Trippy Session

    I could have stayed on the table all day, marinating in the energy stirred up during the healing. The rest of the day I felt a combination of peace, a wave of nausea here and there and as if I had spent the day at the spa. Truly amazing. I can’t wait for my next healing.

    The low vibration I felt while I was on my belly switched to a higher more psychedelic frequency – almost “trippy”. It wasn’t as comfortable as the low hum but I didn’t feel out of sorts.

    It felt like I was sitting in a room with very loud hair-tickling bass. Toward the end of the session I felt like my entire body was alive – nothing I had ever experienced before. All of my chakras felt tuned and balanced.

    C. M.
  • A True Healer

    I had a small cyst on my wrist that had been bothering me enough to see a Dr, I was considering having it removed. After a single session on that wrist, the pain was gone and the size was down enough to not impact my daily life. As a healer myself this was great to experience.

  • Flower Essences

    After bodywork energetics, he then proceeded to prepare Flower Essences that I needed.

    I was dumbfounded and amazed by the essences chosen for me as they perfectly lined up with what had emerged from my Repatterning work! Again, I had not shared with John anything related to my Repatterning work or what was going on with my current thoughts / feelings / emotions.

    I walked out of the session feeling completely whole again. My left and right sides of my body seemed to be as one again. Combining body work with Flower Essences is quite powerful and very healing, particularly since John is a natural and genuine healer. John nicely followed up with me mid-day to make sure I was feeling grounded.

  • Flower Essences

    Wwith Flower essences he prepared, I can feel the differences – they are subtle but noticeable. Every few days I end up taking more and more often depending on what I have going on (usually a lot).

    I am grateful for the opportunity to take them – they work. I’m not sure what they do but I certainly handle more with ease and feel peace.

    R. L.
  • Flower Essences

    The next big shift in my work with John was with Flower Essences prepared the other day. I am a single mother of a very high spirited four year old boy. I was feeling flustered and exhausted (not an uncommon feeling for me). I muscle tested and took 10 drops – instantly I felt a shift – I felt more relaxed and calm and was able to focus my energy toward him in a positive way instead of raising my voice.

    K. M.
  • Flower Essences

    I thank you for the wonderful work you did on my yesterday and the “miracle drops” (5 of which I had this afternoon). I just feel it in my bones that you will be met with rapid success, most importantly because of the good you are delivering to this Universe, which I suspect will soak it up…. your work….like a sponge. And I know all of this is a result of your work.

    I know all these thoughts and ideas worth pursuing have come from the work you performed on me.

    M D.
Kat and John at Tony Robbins' "Unleash the Power Within" in Chicago, IL July 2018.  Enjoying a tour of the canals and Lake Michigan before the event.
Kat and John at Tony Robbins’ “Unleash the Power Within” in Chicago, IL July 2018. Enjoying a tour of the canals and Lake Michigan before the event.

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Living in God's Grace By John Head

What I am is a vessel of energy to be of service to those who are called to work with me.

This is my current path in a few words a possible – I turned my free will over to Source / God.

I have many types of energetics I work with both from my body, spirit, and hopefully without my mind’s intent for an outcome or a validation from those in front of me. My ego and mind seek those things but I understand that is part of being in this world as we understand it now.

I seek to help others and based on my past I support others when I am not really asked which usually ends up in ways my mind did not expect or desire as an outcome.

Where did this start – back when I was 8 and woke up inside a chicken house after a large storm where I lost over 45 minutes of my life – total blank after a huge flash of light when I was outside and woke up a while later and found myself up against the wall woozy and disoriented. My parents asked where I had been as they sent me to check on the chicken coup during a major storm and we could hear the chickens very loudly – which never happened.

So put on my yellow rubber shoes and raincoat and ran down there. I was near the inner fence when I saw this huge flash of light and that is all I remember till waking up inside the shed. Which was not a direct line by any means. After lots of questions:  Where was I?  What was I doing? What took so long?

They discovered I had NO clue.

After that event, I would be walking in the forest or woods near my home and trees would have information for me as would some animals show up and just standstill. I did not understand but eventually, I asked questions of the animals and I would hear a response in my head. I thought I was making it up and many accused me of having a VIVID imagination.

For some reason, I trusted the inner voice and its language. Once had an argument with my parents over the National Geographic article that told how Egyptian pyramids were built as the inner voices were telling me that is NOT how it was done.

Since then I have secured insights for friends and family for over 5 decades now. I also learned healing practices from my first Martial Arts Master – who said if you know how to hurt you need to know how to heal. That started over 4 decades ago and I will do hands-on healing when called to, but my path is moving from that hands on to more remote work since I have stopped traveling as much.

I began a formal channeling process after setting up a large copper pyramid and copper wire grid precisely designed by Sacred Geometry Principles. I laid down in this grid that was both inside and surrounding the Pyramid. I felt my body go very heavy and begin to disappear from my awareness.

I began to sense something around me – touching me and asking permission to speak. I, of course, said yes!

I did not realize I was to be the conduit for that speaking process. That was my first channeling session with Lakarra and they introduced me to a few others all while teaching me to allow this to happen.

This site is dedicated that that process of serving others in whatever capacity Source or God asks of me. Now learning how to hear those messages is my current path but learning letting go of ANY expectation of outcome is paramount to living in God’s Grace.

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