What I Believe

I am John Head, a Medium with a gift, (a gift we all share), to find truth for answers from Source.
  • Purpose of life is to remember our connections to our souls and Source’s unconditional love, sharing with all we encounter.
  • There is one Source of all things and that source is part or all of everything we experience.
  • Just as Darkness is the absence of Light – darkness in behavior is the absence of God’s Light and Love.
  • Nothing remains the same after experiencing the pure unconditional love from Source
  • Everything in our world is made of energy expresses as one form or another and responds to all other energies.
  • Our left brain that keeps us disconnected from others, our souls and Source.


  • Through my gifts from source: I get information from source to share as allowed for those who work with me.
  • I provide thoughts and study materials to support to embodying new perspective.
  • Teaching the left brain to give itself and your spirit a break from its thoughts, and allow more life in.


Channeled Readings - Guidance

My guides and other energetics are focused on shifting this planet and its participants.

They help with understanding:

  • Life lessons
  • Energies that are stuck
  • How to move forward now
  • Your process you have undertaken

My guides have many insights and personalities.

  1. Citarnee – my first guide that spoke through me and loves interactions that are light and fun.
  2. Lakarra – A direct energy – often asks “Please ask the right question” and then asks you a question
  3. Mishra – light delicate energetic – feels female in her core but seems more pixie or fairy
  4. “?” – this one is nameless, has a great presence that changes me for days when I am blessed to have them show up for a session.
  5. Arch Angels – Rafael, Micheal, Metatron, Melchizedek, Ariel, and others as appropriate for the session.
  6. My guide – rarely shows for public work but provides me tools and language to help you constantly.

In a session, I do ask that all information I receive be for your highest good and for all involved.

The Cosmic Tower

Scalar Torus Fields – from Nature

Add Water from sacred wells in Europe

Add Sacred Geometry

Link in Spiritually Aligned Energetics

That builds a clockwise (right turning) Torus Field, which is connected to the Torus Field of the Earth – the Solar System and our Galaxy without ANY POWER CORDS.

Tower Placement stuff2

Options on Sessions Done on Phone or Zoom per request

How I work and Where I can support your path

I do not review other providers information as a professional standard I hold.

I am not a medical medium but sometimes get information around the energies surrounding its manifestation in form.

I do not talk to those passed over unless they choose to share information during a session.

My guides are the directors of what I get as insights and sometimes ask me to take you into a meditation or share a thought pattern.

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