About John

I want to help everyone can find answers to become their highest self in this physical form. A space for like minded individuals to find support each other in their journeys through intuitive guidance from my guides and resources I have found supportive of my growth.

We are Souls in Form

We are living as a physical form – mostly disconnected from Source or God.

How I was led to make this site offering my gifts to others.

  • 1960

    First Connection to Source

    When I was just 8 years old had a spiritual experience that changed the way I was sensing things and became an empathic. I was in a storm outside and woke up 45 minutes later and immediately began sensing things in nature and hearing truth for others.

  • 1968

    Early Meditation Study

    I started with breathing exercises from my track coach that seems now doing more that increasing my lung capacity as the technique was focusing on a spot on the wall which I did during my studies of Silva Mind Control.

  • 1971

    Expanded Studies in Meditation

    Also began working with Crystals and formal training in meditation in Silva Mind Control Рrelaxation techniques. This was followed by mantra based РTranscendental Meditation. 

  • 1972-1980

    Martial Arts

    Over this near decade of study – learned that if you know how to hurt – must learn how to heal. This started my work on the practices of energetic healing modalities. I”learned to heal the body with just Chi as referred to in my classes – Reiki is what I found it labeled later in life.

  • 1982-1988

    Sacred Geometry

    Was privileged to study this science under Drunvalo and support his training materials. Learning the Merkaba meditation and that prepared me for what was to become. I learned everything has a frequency.

  • 1989

    Began Channeling

    After using Sacred Geometry to create a large copper and crystal  grid designed to interact with a 8 ft base pyramid, my mind let go and I stared hearing voices in my head that have guided me.

  • 1994

    Learned the power of God's or Source's Love

    During an event – where I was channeling an advanced energy – someone asked “What is Home like?” I was immediately transported to a space of pure love – full of joy – no language but just a “knowing” that it is all OK and there was nothing to fear ever. My friends at the event could not reach me as I was fully engaged in the space with tears of joy. I was told to go back and teach,

  • 2022

    Making myself known beyond my friends

    My guides made it apparent that I was to get to sharing what they share beyond my close friends. So here I go with some trepidation and fears showing up.

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How I work and Where I can support your path

I do not review other providers information as a professional standard I hold.

I am not a medical medium but sometimes get information around the energies surrounding its manifestation in form.

I do not talk to those passed over unless they choose to share information during a session.

My guides are the directors of what I get as insights and sometimes ask me to take you into a meditation or share a thought pattern.

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