About John

I want to help everyone can find answers to become their highest self in this physical form. A space for like minded individuals to find support each other in their journeys through intuitive guidance from my guides and resources I have found supportive of my growth.

We are Souls in a Physical Form

Since we are living as a physical form – many have disconnected from Source or God*.

*how ever you choose to label that idea

If you seek your truth, John will help you find it.

  • He’s a whiz with “the force: as he understands and connects with the forces of nature, bodies, minds and spirit. And he knows how to work with them.

  • John doesn’t take credit for his gifts. It’s not him. It’s really not his work at all. Source is like the sun always shining. Source flows through him.

  • he’s good at sharing: John wants everyone to have access to these gifts and develop their own gifts, so he often shares insights freely on his website.

Options on Sessions Done on Phone or Zoom per request

How I work and Where I can support your path

I do not review other providers information as a professional standard I hold.

I am not a medical medium but sometimes get information around the energies surrounding its manifestation in form.

I do not talk to those passed over unless they choose to share information during a session.

My guides are the directors of what I get as insights and sometimes ask me to take you into a meditation or share a thought pattern.

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One to change things

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Learn how to clear your home as we do it together

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Reduce My Stress 4 weeks of Classes starting - Oct 22$222

4 Weeks of class / workbook / sessions on reducing your stress in your daily life. There is one extra class for Q/A.

Weekly Sessions 1 hr$444

Monthly Support for someone wanting direct text and phone access duroing waking hours. 4 hours a month

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Weekly Support - 30 min - direct access$222

Emotional and Mental Mentorship and Support for someone wanting direct text access duroing waking hours. 2 hours a month

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