Messages and Recordings Insights and Meditations

There has been lots of information created over last few decades. Reviewing that information will be ongoing to fill this page out with free content for all seekers.

First release is a series of more recent audio recordings from my guides and some are structured teachings and some are pure what is said at the moment to support my current audience or to teach me things.

NOTE: All recording are done when the insights are coming in, which means sometimes – just a phone in a noisy environment. I have worked to clean up these recording and some are even with a reverb as directed by my guides to add to given recording.

Mishra – Truth and Judgement

This is a good one – helped me understand that my truth might not be everyone’s truth and the judgements that I have do seem to isolate me from others as I could always find ways to justify “labeling” others to make me feel better or subconsciously put myself down.

Mishra – Working Your Garden Meditation

This is a meditation that takes you through a process of creating a visual space that contains a garden of your own visualizations that you work with to expand and clean up. AND as one does it does release patterns in the physical, emotional or mental spaces we hold in place.

What I love about this as I do NOT go into what or why I have those”repairs” to make or want to “expand or enhance” my garden. This has worked for me for decades to improve my conditions.

Mishra – Well Meditation – a Favorite

This one came in during a session for a client and they stopped the session to make sure I was recording this meditation. This was a VERY powerful experience for me and the client during the recording. I shared this one with close friends and was overwhelmed at the response.

This is one easy to learn and use on your own for charging and clearing your energetic forms.

Mishra / Mikeal – Labels

Simply put ALL labels separate us.  We are the human race – and the more labels we assign ourselves and others the more we are unique and isolated.

Labels are great in some ways as they create as sense of community and togetherness with similar people. But when that community sees themselves as more or less than another that enforces a separation that is NOT really there expect in our minds and emotions.

Mishra / Mikeal – Fears and Doubts

Managing these emotions are key to staying in tune with source how ever one defines that for themselves.

Fear and Doubts are a lack of faith or trust in life and how it shows up in most cases. We do not know the future and do listen to those on media and peeers about what we should be concerned about.

What I have discovered is that all of my fears and doubts NEVER showed up as I projected or feared them to be 100% of the time. All fears are projections and not real at all – only thoughts turning into emotions.

Mishra / Mikeal – Understanding Purpose

How this chat on Purpose and finding ones purpose was a surprise to me on how they approached this subject. It was very enlightening for me as took the “finding” purpose into more a real world thought process with a touch of seeing the true brilliance of source to guide me into an understanding that a purpose changes as fast as life does.

Sometimes a purpose is to smile from our hearts to someone that appears struggling emotionally that we encounter in our daily activities. Other times is to create something totally new for this existence.  Purpose is driven by where you are at a given moment.

Frequencies and its Power

Using Images and Shapes to
Create Energetic Fields Proof of Concept

Frequency Healing

What is Frequency Healing?

Everything in life has a specific waveform – frequency. That includes Light, Sound, Heartbeats, Thoughts, and everything else as well. Some are so slow we can not sense them and others are so fast – they seem solid.

Music frequencies can change our mode. Yet they can destroy as seen as this wine glass – a specific sound breaks this wine glass.


That is the same the frequencies we have around and our bodies. As everything we experience and consume in any manner is adding a frequency.

So what do these types of human frequencies work on?

When we go back to the days of Tesla / Rife to see what they with discovered that some bacteria do explode the same way as that wine glass did when the right frequency is added to its environment.

Not all frequencies are harmful, since there are complementary ways of using frequency. There is an inherent sync’ng of frequencies in Nature. That is often referred to as “entrainment“, where things sync up on a frequency that is  present in its environment – as seen in this syncing of these metronomes.

So we respond both knowingly and unknowingly to all the frequencies around us. When I support someone’s health recovery process – I might use of frequency-based tools, sounds, electrical frequencies, magnetic or light to produce “entrainment” frequencies as they support repair. 

What you consume in our bodies – eyes, mind and body change us in subtle ways. When we go into a sacred space you can feel it. 

Work to make your space a powerful sacred space.